We are sending thousands of books as a result of our full-page ads in newspapers. We are currently working with the most important and highest circulation newspapers that reach millions of people. These full-page ads clearly speak about the debate on Saturday vs Sunday. We publish every verse of the Bible showing that the Sabbath has never changed, including the misconceptions that Christians have received relating to the observance of Sunday. We also gave a warning about the soon coming of Sunday laws.
We appreciate your prayers so that many come to the knowledge of the truth through these efforts. We are also offering free books and sending free copies of the book, "The Great Controversy" to callers. For the glory of God, we have been sending books and literature to many souls who want more information as a result of seeing these full-page ads.
"The Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty, for it is the point of truth especially controverted. When the final test shall be brought to bear upon men, then the line of distinction will be drawn between those who serve God and those who serve Him not." "The Great Controversy", p. 605.
Here are some of our full-newspapers ads.
new york time 3 30 2013 close up NYTimes 3 30 2013 full page
- New York Times 3/30/2013   Close Up                                                    Full Page
USA Today Close Up 10 26 2012 USA Today Full Page 10 26 2012
- USA Today 10/26/2012    Close Up                                                           Full Page
Sun Sentinel Close Up 10 17 2012 
- Sun Sentinel 10/17/2012   Close Up
Dever Post Close Up 9 30 2012 
- Denver Post 9/30/2012    Close Up
New York Times Close up New York Times Full Page 9 15 2012
- New York Times 9/15/2012    Close Up                                                Full Page
Charlotte Observer 9 5 2012 Close Up Charlotte Observer 9 5 2012 Full Page
- Charlotte Observer 9/5/2012    Close Up                                           Full Page
Tampa Bay Times Close Up Tampa Bay Times 8 30 2012 Full Page
- Tampa Bay Times 8/30/2012    Close Up                                             Full Page
The Tampa Tribune 8 30 2012 Close Up The Tampa Tribune 8 30 2012 Full Page
- The Tampa Tribune 8/30/2012     Close Up                                          Full Page
LA Times 8 27 2012 Close up LA Times 8 27 2012 Full Page
- Los Angeles Times 8/27/2012     Close Up                                              Full Page