The Eternal Gospel Ministries of West Palm Beach, Florida, arrived at its 26th Annivesary since its founding on the 22nd day of May, 1992. Throughout these years, this ministry has been characterized for its constant activity in the proclamation of the Three Angel’s Messages by way of communication instrumentalities such as: the radio, the press, billboards, television, publications, and our monthly newspaper entitled “The Eternal Gospel Herald.”

     Furthermore, several churches have been added to this ministry, such as: The Tampa Church, The Hialeah Church, The Oklahoma City Church, and The Tuskahoma Church.

     We also mention that this ministry has surpassed the American frontier, for the following team is also part of the aforementioned churches: A church in Ecuador, and approximately seven churches in Dominican Republic.

     In spite of all the difficulties traversed during these 26 years, the ministry has been faithful in the proclamation of the message for the hour; so that a people may be prepared for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven. And this ministry has served as a watchtower to denounce those sins of Babylon and the secret but rapid progress of Papal power in this world.

     We are grateful for the support received throughout all these years, without which the accomplishment realized would not have been possible. It is our sincere prayer, and desire, to continue being for the world, The Voice of the Eternal Gospel. May God bless you.